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You ever find yourself in Paris, missing the smell of your mom’s apple pie? That sweet mix of nostalgia and homesickness.

Traveling has its perks, but boy, does it sometimes give you the emotional roller-coaster jitters.

And where on Earth do you find someone to talk to who gets it when you’re halfway across the globe? That’s the puzzle BetterHelp claims to solve.

Is BetterHelp available internationally? Let’s find out.

Ever packed up and moved to another country, or been on the road for what feels like forever? If you have, you’ve probably felt that pinch of loneliness or a hankering for the familiar nooks of home. It’s a typical human thing, no biggie.

  • Sure, seeing new places or setting up a new life abroad is a bucket-list kind of adventure. But, let’s be real, it’s not all sunshine and roses.

Finding someone to talk to, especially when you’re trying to juggle a new language or culture, can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. That’s where steps in, waving its “I’ve got you covered” flag.

BetterHelp is like that 24/7 diner; always there, always open. It’s a helpful app that pairs you up with a therapist no matter where you are in the globe, as long as you have an internet connection. All you have to do to get started is fill out a quick survey. The menu? Messaging anytime and setting up a heart-to-heart appointment.

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4.5 (6,513+) FROM TRUSTPILOT


Fill out a brief questionnaire and get matched with an experienced therapist online in as little as 48 hours.

✓ Over 33K credentialed professionals

✓ Financial aid available

✓ Subscriptions as low as 65 USD/week, billed every four weeks

✓ Cancel plan or change therapist anytime

✓ 20% off your first month through Therapy Helpers

Cost of BetterHelp internationally

Online therapy has shown itself to be just as effective as in-person therapy for various mental health issues, and there are some good reasons to consider virtual mental health support.

Because of lower costs like not needing office space, online treatment can often be affordable compared to traditional private in-person therapy.

  • In the US, according to Forbes, the average cost of face-to-face traditional therapy ranges from $100 to $200 per session.
  • While the average cost of private counseling internationally is challenging to pin down, BetterHelp’s platform offers a higher likelihood of finding a specialist tailored to your needs, thanks to its vast network of over 33,000 professional therapists.

No matter where in the globe you are connecting from, BetterHelp therapy costs range from US$65 to US$90 per week, billed every four weeks.

  • For monthly planners, that is US$260-US$360 per month which includes four live sessions, the ability to message your therapist anytime, and the option to join group webinars led by a therapist on topics like anxiety and depression.
Keep in mind that the exact cost can vary based on where you are, your preferences, and what's available. And if you need it, financial aid options are also there to help.

Payment methods

BetterHelp does allow folks from different countries to pay for their services using globally universal forms of payment:

  • Visa, MasterCard, or Paypal.

They make it easy to pay for their services all in one platform and the conversion is handled by their payment system.

So, if you have a major debit/credit card or PayPal, you should be all set to pay for BetterHelp’s services.

Where is BetterHelp located?

Legally and in terms of development, BetterHelp plants its roots in the U.S. As a result, a hefty chunk of the therapists and mental health pros they collaborate with hail from the States.

  • If you’re an American living abroad, this could be a comforting tidbit, the odds of bumping into cultural or language hiccups with your therapist are slim to none.

Is BetterHelp available globally?

Alright, let’s tackle the elephant in the room:

  • Can you access BetterHelp from anywhere in the world? Sure thing! BetterHelp is accessible internationally and is a global leader in online therapy treatment.

Although their therapists are based in the U.S. and the U.K., and many users are located in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K., the service is also available to those outside these areas.

However, picture this: Your therapist is catching the sunrise in San Francisco while you’re having late-night cravings in New Delhi. That time gap could be a hiccup if your mind’s storm clouds gather suddenly.

So, while BetterHelp does have global reach, the ride’s smoother if your therapist’s clock isn’t way off from yours. Therefore, prepare for international BetterHelp therapy sessions accordingly with the time difference in mind. And yeah, solid internet is a must.

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Star Rating 4.5 Of 5

4.5 (6,513+) FROM TRUSTPILOT

Try BetterHelp

Fill out a brief questionnaire and get matched with an experienced therapist online in as little as 48 hours.

✓ Over 33K credentialed professionals

✓ Financial aid available

✓ Subscriptions as low as 65 USD/week, billed every four weeks

✓ Cancel plan or change therapist anytime

✓ 20% off your first month through Therapy Helpers

About BetterHelp

So, you know BetterHelp? It’s kinda like the Uber for therapists, minus the car rides. No matter where you’re planted on the globe, this app’s got a therapist for you. Feeling chatty at 3 AM? Drop ’em a message, and they typically respond within a day. More of a schedule kinda person? Pin down a time that works.

Setting up your account is a bit like making a sundae. You’ll toss in a bit of this (your demographics) and a sprinkle of that (therapy preferences):

  • You fancy a chat with a female therapist? Or maybe someone from the LGBTQ community? How about a pro who gets the nitty-gritty of racial stuff? You got it.
  • And, whether you’re after someone fresh out of grad school or someone who might have jammed out to the Beatles live, you can get picky about age, religion, and all that jazz to find your therapy match.

Started in 2013, BetterHelp has grown to be a top-tier online therapy platform. They connect folks with professional therapists via chat, phone, or video.

They even have added bonuses like journaling and group sessions, check out a full review of BetterHelp.

They charge using a monthly subscription model, but if you ever want to step back, canceling is pretty straightforward. If you want to change your therapist anytime, it’s effortless.

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Is BetterHelp available in my own language? 

BetterHelp’s site indicates they offer therapists who speak up to 56 languages. While most therapists primarily converse in English, if you speak a less common language, your choices might be limited.

However, with 56 languages on board, there’s a chance you’ll find a match! 

  • Remember that most BetterHelp therapists operate within U.S. time zones, and there are over 1,000 therapists located in the U.K. time zone. 

If you need therapy in another language, they’ll do their best to accommodate you, but it cannot be guaranteed. Borders usually aren’t a hurdle for getting help.

BetterHelp ensures to comply with all relevant international rules and standards when pairing you with a therapist.

Does BetterHelp have real therapists available globally? 

So, ever been curious about how BetterHelp ensures you’re talking to a real therapist? Joining the BetterHelp team isn’t just about filling in a form and jumping on board. There’s a thorough process behind the scenes.

  • First off, BetterHelp hosts an array of professionals – from licensed social workers to psychologists and family therapists. And guess what? Each of them is armed with at least a master’s degree, if not a doctoral one. So, you know they’ve done their homework!

Now, education is great, but experience is a game-changer. And these therapists? They’ve got both.

  • A minimum of three years and over 1,000 hours of hands-on therapy experience is a must before they even get considered. And, of course, their credentials from the state board seal the deal.
  • But BetterHelp doesn’t stop there. They cross-check each therapist’s licensing or credentials with accreditation bodies to ensure everything is in good shape. Plus, a case study exam and a video interview add another layer of assurance.

And for those of us who like to double-check, you can always glance at a therapist’s credentials info on their profile. In short, BetterHelp takes its time to make sure that when you chat, it’s with someone who really knows their stuff. And that’s comforting to know, right?

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official betterhelp logo
Star Rating 4.5 Of 5

4.5 (6,513+) FROM TRUSTPILOT


Fill out a brief questionnaire and get matched with an experienced therapist online in as little as 48 hours.

✓ Over 33K credentialed professionals

✓ Financial aid available

✓ Subscriptions as low as 65 USD/week, billed every four weeks

✓ Cancel plan or change therapist anytime

✓ 20% off your first month through Therapy Helpers

Final thoughts: For expats BetterHelp has got your back 

Heading overseas or taking the leap to live abroad? If you find you need a bit of emotional support, don’t sweat it. BetterHelp is available in over 200 countries and boasts therapists fluent in up to 56 languages.

This means you have a broad spectrum of choices to find someone who really gets where you’re coming from – literally and figuratively. It’s a game-changer, especially if you’ve ever tried accessing therapy in a foreign land where nuances of your background might get lost in translation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What other countries is BetterHelp available in?

BetterHelp is also popular in the following countries: Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Morocco, Jordan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Colombia, Nicaragua, Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama, Israel, South Korea, Spain, Mongolia, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Lithuania, Montenegro, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, Japan, Peru, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Romania, Ukraine, Moldova, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bangladesh, Switzerland, and more.

Is there any flexibility in scheduling when connecting from abroad?

Not everyone can make it to a face-to-face appointment. Online therapy offers a solid alternative for folks in far-flung locations, those who are always on the go for work, or Americans residing overseas.

There are online therapists on BetterHelp that offer appointments in the early morning, late at night, or even on weekends. Additionally, there’s the option to send messages anytime, with therapists typically replying within a day.

Plus, the convenience of choosing how you want to chat – either through phone calls, video, or simple text messaging – makes it more comfortable for international users.

Do I need online therapy while traveling abroad?

Living abroad can be tough! Being far from home, struggling to adapt to a new culture, and feeling lonely can really get you down. Even realizing you need professional support can be hard in a foreign place. Will a local therapist truly understand you if English isn’t their first language?

It’s tricky finding the right counselor who connects with your unique background when you’re an expat or immigrant. Traditional in-office therapy may not cut it.

This is where international online counseling can be a big help! With virtual sessions, you can work with an English-speaking therapist. Online therapy helps you process your feelings about both your old and new cultures. It guides you through the ups and downs of adjusting between them.

Surveys show nearly half of US therapists already provide online counseling in some form. So your odds of finding the perfect match are pretty solid! No matter where you are worldwide, services like BetterHelp make it easy to find a therapist who just “gets you” as an ex-pat. It’s worth checking out when local in-person options aren’t delivering.

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