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Do you lean towards extroversion or prefer solitude? Are you more intellectually inclined or emotionally perceptive? Can you succeed as an entrepreneur?

Discover insights into these areas and beyond with Therapy Helper’s online mental health tests & personality quizzes.

Our assessments, each comprising about 10 to 20 questions, can be finished in roughly 2 minutes.

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Depression test

Are you experiencing depression?

Anxiety test

Are you having trouble relaxing?

Self-esteem test

Do you have healthy self-esteem?

Mental health test

How well do you cope?

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Mood disorder questionnaire test

Experiencing emotional roller coaster? 

Therapeutic Games

Engaging in mental health and therapeutic games can be a transformative experience, offering both fun and insight into one’s emotional well-being.

These games are designed to foster self-reflection, enhance coping strategies, and promote mental resilience in a supportive, interactive environment.

By integrating playful elements with therapeutic principles, individuals can explore their thoughts and feelings in a unique and empowering way, contributing to their overall mental health journey.

Therapy Session with Mr. Frog

Mr. Frog is all about helping deal with things like bullying, stress, and mental health. We know Mr. Frog isn’t going to be able to help you a lot though we hope he’s able to encourage you, and give you some confidence.

Create Therapeutic Patterns

Instructions: Space key to show/hide variables. Set rotation to 0 and it will follow your mouse. 

Warning: may cause dizziness

Therapy Session with Dino

Introducing … dino! he will be your therapist today, he will comfort you with your issues and we wish you the best. I hope your mental health is alright and me and dino love you so much!