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Mental health blog

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Does EMDR Work for Complex PTSD?

This article analyzes the current research on using EMDR for CPTSD.
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Why Black Therapists Are Important

From deeply understanding cultural contexts to providing representation that encourages vulnerability, Black therapists play invaluable roles like fostering resistance to internalized oppression that profoundly shape mental health pathways for both Black clients and society overall.
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Why is BetterHelp So Cheap?

BetterHelp offers 50-60% savings versus typical $200 per in-office therapy thanks to lean operations, optimized billing, scaled subscriber base, and flexibility of virtual sessions – discover how they keep quality up amid competitive fees.
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Can Being an Empath Cause Anxiety?

Empaths deeply understand others’ emotions but tend to absorb those feelings as their own, which can lead to empathic people developing chronic anxiety without proper self-care to set emotional boundaries.
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Can Therapists Talk About Religion?

Therapists must balance respecting clients' religious beliefs with avoiding imposition of values and practicing within professional expertise, aiming to promote welfare through an open and thoughtful stance.
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Can You Do Hypnotherapy Online?

While online hypnotherapy provides convenience and accessibility, research indicates it can be similarly effective to in-person treatment when practiced by a properly trained and experienced hypnotherapist utilizing the right technical setup.
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Can EMDR Cause Headaches?

While EMDR therapy can provide immense healing benefits, some clients report post-session headaches likely stemming from eye strain, emotional releases, or dehydration that may be managed through relaxation techniques, hydration, and communicating with one’s therapist.
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BetterHelp DBT: Everything You Need To Know

BetterHelp connects you with licensed therapists who provide personalized dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) online to help strengthen your coping mechanisms, mindfulness, distress tolerance, and regulation of emotions.
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Is Online Therapy Covered by Insurance in Canada?

While insurance coverage for online therapy varies widely across providers in Canada, alternatives like self-pay, workplace employee assistance programs, non-profits, and government funded supports can help increase accessibility and affordability.
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Do Empaths Struggle with Mental Health?

Empaths deeply absorb the emotions of others, which can impair their mental health over time. Learning coping strategies like setting boundaries and self-care is key for empaths to find balance and maintain their mental wellbeing.
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