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About the mental health test

  • Purpose: This mental health assessment offers a comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s well-being, focusing on emotional stability, stress resilience, social connections, and overall satisfaction with life. It’s designed to provide a broad perspective on mental health, encouraging self-reflection and proactive engagement with personal well-being.
  • Background: This tool is the result of collaboration among mental health professionals, incorporating established psychological metrics and research to ensure its effectiveness and reliability. It’s crafted to be inclusive, catering to a diverse audience seeking insights into their mental health.
  • Time Frame for Responses: Individuals are encouraged to reflect on their experiences and state of mind over the past two weeks when responding to the mental health assessment questions.

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Please answer the following questions by considering your behavior in the past 2 weeks:

1. How often do you feel happy?:

2. Do you feel capable of handling personal problems?:

3. How often do you feel nervous or anxious?:

4. Do you feel confident about your abilities?:

5. How often do you feel down, depressed, or hopeless?:

6. Do you feel you have a lot of energy?:

7. How often do you feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities?:

8. Do you feel you are able to relax and handle stress well?:

9. How often do you feel optimistic about your future?:

10. Do you feel valued and respected by others?:

11. How often do you feel that you have someone to turn to for support when needed?:

12. Do you feel engaged and interested in your daily activities?:

13. How often do you feel that your life has a sense of direction or meaning?:

14. Do you feel able to cope when things go wrong?:

15. How often do you feel grateful for the things in your life?:

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Your Score

This scale evaluates personal mental health by assessing both favorable and unfavorable self-perceptions.

Interpretation of the score:

  • 46-60: High mental well-being; you generally experience positive emotions, feel engaged in life, and have strong coping mechanisms and support.
  • 31-45: Moderate mental well-being; you have many positive experiences but also some challenges. There might be areas where you could seek improvement or support.
  • 16-30: Lower mental well-being; you may frequently encounter difficulties or feel a lack of fulfillment and support. Exploring strategies to enhance your mental health could be beneficial.
  • 0-15: Very low mental well-being; it's crucial to seek professional guidance to address your mental health and find ways to improve your overall well-being.

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Thank you for taking the time to complete our online mental health assessment. If you have any concerns or questions about your results, we encourage you to discuss them with a licensed BetterHelp therapist who can provide tailored guidance and support.

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