How Expensive Is Mental Health Therapy In Singapore?

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Singapore is known for having a world-class healthcare system, but mental health care can still be quite expensive for the average person.

With rising awareness of mental health issues, more Singaporeans are seeking therapy and counseling. However, the costs involved can be a significant barrier to getting the help needed.

Key Takeaways

  • Cost for private therapy can range from $100 to over $300 per hour on average
  • Subsidized options have long waiting lists due to high demand
  • Using insurance, workplace benefits, government subsidies, support groups, or online therapy can lower costs
  • More trained specialists and greater policy support needed to transform the accessibility of mental health services

Overview of Mental Health Care Costs

The cost of mental health services in Singapore can range quite widely, depending on:

  • The type of therapy or counseling
  • The professional credentials of the provider
  • The setting (private practice, hospital, or counseling center)

Some of the common therapy options and typical price ranges are:

Type of TherapyCost per Session
Psychiatrist (private)$250 – $500
Psychologist (private practice)$150 – $350
Counselor or therapist$100 – $200
Subsidized counseling services$30 – $100

On average, private therapy sessions tend to range from $100 to over $300 per hour. Subsidized options are available but can have long wait lists.

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Factors Affecting the Cost of Mental Health Therapy

Type of Professional

Psychiatrists tend to charge the highest rates as medical specialists, followed by psychologists and then counselors or therapists. However, the latter two can still help with many common issues like anxiety, depression, stress, or relationship problems.

Private vs Subsidized Care

Seeing a mental health professional in private practice is much more expensive than subsidized options. However, subsidy programs through public hospitals, clinics, and counseling centers have long wait times.

Individual vs Group Therapy

Group therapy sessions tend to cost less per patient than individual therapy. However, group sessions are not suitable for everyone and have less privacy. The cost advantage and social support can make it worthwhile for some.

Navigating Mental Health Care Costs

Insurance Coverage

Using insurance to cover therapy costs is an option if included in employer or personal health plans. However, individuals need to consider deductibles, co-payments, claiming processes, and any therapy session limits imposed by insurers.

School or Workplace Resources

Some universities, polytechnics, corporations, and organizations offer free or subsidized in-house counseling services. These can be convenient and affordable options worth checking out first.

Government or Charitable Services

Turning to government agencies and mental health charities in Singapore can reduce the cost burden through subsidies, financial assistance schemes, or referrals to low-cost programs.

Support Groups

Free mental health support groups provide community help for people facing common psychological issues or major illnesses like depression or anxiety. This offers an avenue to seek advice and support at no cost.

Online Therapy

Online counseling and therapy sessions are relatively affordable at $40 to $150 per session on average. The convenience and discreet nature also appeal to some seeking mental help.

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Average Cost Breakdown

Here is an overview of the average cost per session facing patients for key types of mental health services in Singapore:

Type of ServiceAverage Cost Per Session
Psychiatrist (private)$350
Licensed counselor$150
Social worker$100
Subsidized counseling (hospital)$50
Online counseling$80
Support groupsFree

The table summarizes the general cost variation. However, pricing for private psychiatrists and psychologists, in particular, can vary more widely.

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Making Mental Health Care More Affordable

Bringing down costs remains a key priority for policymakers to support mental wellness across society. Some measures underway aim to enhance accessibility and affordability:

  • Raising healthcare subsidies: Government grants help lower costs for citizens at public centers
  • Funding more training programs: Increasing the supply of qualified therapists and counselors
  • Boosting workplace mental health efforts: Expanding support through company-based initiatives
  • Promoting community awareness: Reducing stigma so more people seek help early

With greater policy support and ground-up efforts, quality mental health care can inch closer to becoming a reality for more people in Singapore.

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The cost of mental health care in Singapore remains high, especially in private practice settings. While subsidized options are available, long wait times persist for public services.

With some navigational knowledge and seeking help early, some costs can be reduced or avoided. However, more systemic policy changes are still needed to meet the growing demand within the population.

With a concerted national effort, a future where quality mental health care is accessible and affordable to all in Singapore could move closer to reality. But costs will remain a barrier for many today, preventing them from seeking or getting consistent care.

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