Is There A BetterHelp Free Trial? Fact Check [2023]

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In the digital age, online therapy platforms like BetterHelp provide easy access to mental health support from anywhere. Many people are searching for free or affordable therapy plans.

With over 33,000 U.S. licensed therapists available, BetterHelp makes finding the right counselor more affordable and convenient than traditional in-office therapy.

  • Recent surveys show that nearly 40% of U.S. adults have experienced depression symptoms since the pandemic began. 

BetterHelp has seen a substantial 22% increase in users in 2023 over the previous year as online counseling demand grows.

Does BetterHelp Offer Free Trials?

Previously, used to provide free trial periods. However, free trials are currently no longer offered for several reasons:

  • BetterHelp is focused on providing financial aid and making online therapy affordable. Free trials don’t help offset the costs of providing care and support.
  • Investing in mental health treatment requires commitment. Free trials often don’t facilitate the type of long-term therapy commitment that leads to positive change.
  • BetterHelp already subsidizes pricing and offers customized plans to ensure online counseling is accessible. Plans start at just $60 per week (one of the lowest among competitors).
  • BetterHelp’s Social Impact Program aims to increase access to mental health services for underserved groups and individuals facing challenges. Through this program, BetterHelp provides free or subsidized counseling to those who cannot afford the full cost. Social Impact Program hopes to reach people who are often excluded from traditional mental health treatment.

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Fill out a brief questionnaire and get matched with an experienced therapist online in as little as 48 hours.

✓ Over 33K credentialed professionals

✓ Financial aid available

✓ Subscriptions as low as $65/week, billed every four weeks

✓ Cancel plan or change therapist anytime

✓ 20% off your first month through Therapy Helpers

BetterHelp Pricing Plans

While free trials are not offered, BetterHelp provides affordable subscription-based pricing plans to fit different budgets and needs:

  • Weekly Cost – For $65-90 per week (billed every four weeks), you get messaging and weekly live sessions. 
  • Monthly Cost – At $260-360 monthly, you get four live sessions, group webinars, in-app journal, and you can message your therapist anytime. Plans are well-suited for those who like that extra support in between weekly live sessions.

You can view full BetterHelp cost details here and sign up for the pricing plan that fits your budget on BetterHelp’s website.

How to get an affordable membership with BetterHelp 

A reduced rate of 20% is offered on your first month of therapy using our discount

Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Visit BetterHelp and create an account by entering your name, email, and password.
  2. Fill out the questionnaire detailing your mental health needs, goals, objectives, availability, counselor gender preference, etc. This helps match you to the right therapist.
  3. Some of the questions that may pop up are: “What does “mental health” mean to you?” and “How are you feeling?” 
  4. Select the counselor filters that fit your preferences, like specialty, techniques, religion, language, etc.
  5. In as little as 48 hours, you’ll be matched with a licensed therapist based on your profile, needs, and preferences.
  6. Review counselor profiles and credentials before messaging to ensure a good fit. You can change counselors anytime.
  7. Pick the pricing plan that aligns with your budget and therapy goals. Plans can be canceled anytime.
  8. During sign-up, the screen will allow you to apply for financial aid.
  9. Once signed up, use the online dashboard to message your counselor, schedule video sessions, and access resources.


While BetterHelp no longer offers free trials, their subsidized pricing, financial aid, and a massive network of experienced licensed therapists provide accessible online counseling to those in need. 

  • When picking your subscription plan, consider the therapy goals and length of therapy sessions you would prefer (30 vs 45 minutes).

Investing in mental health is so important, and online counseling makes obtaining help convenient.

How To Pick A Therapist – Finding Therapists Easily | BetterHelp

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