How Much Do Online Therapists Make In Australia?

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How Much Do Online Therapists Make In Australia

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This article explores key factors influencing salaries for Aussie online therapists.

The field of online therapy has seen immense growth in Australia over the past few years. With rising demand for accessible and convenient mental health support, there is tremendous potential for therapists looking to transition their practices online.

However, the earning potential in this emerging market is still relatively undefined.

Overview of Online Therapy in Australia

Several key trends are fueling the popularity of online therapy in Australia:

  • Increasing acceptance and decreasing stigma – More Australians are embracing online counseling to support their mental health.
  • Accessibility and flexibility – Virtual sessions accommodate busy schedules and mobility issues.
  • Cost-effectiveness – Online therapy is typically more affordable than traditional in-person counseling.

Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated a rapid shift to telehealth services across healthcare. This accelerated the adoption of online therapy nationwide.

Typical Income Range for Online Therapists

Currently, online therapists in Australia earn an average of $60 to $120 AUD per hour-long session. However, salaries can vary significantly depending on factors like experience, credentials, specialization, service delivery methods, and more.

There is ample room for above-average earnings, especially for seasoned therapists with niche expertise.

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Key Factors Influencing Online Therapist Income

Qualifications and Credentials

Naturally, your investment in professional education directly impacts your earning ability. In Australia, you must have a recognized psychology degree or counseling qualification to practice therapy. Obtaining an advanced degree or additional certifications can increase your rates.

Experience and Specializations

  • General experience – Seasoned therapists can command higher fees. New grads often start around $60 AUD per session.
  • Specializations – If you target specific issues like trauma, addiction or relationship therapy, you can charge premium rates due to high demand and specialized skills.
  • Demographic expertise – Experience with couples, teens, marginalized groups etc. also enables fee premiums.
SpecializationHourly Rate Range (AUD)
Addiction counseling$100-120

Service Delivery Model

Your fees and income security will depend partially on your practice setup:

  • Online platforms – Platforms like or offer existing infrastructure but take a cut of your earnings.
  • Independent practice – Going solo allows you to set your own rates but requires marketing yourself.
  • Hybrid approach – Utilizing both independent and platform-based work can optimize income.
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Strategies to Maximize Online Therapy Earnings

As an early adopter of online therapy services, you have an advantage in cementing your position in this growth industry. Here are some tips:

Build a Strong Personal Brand

Invest time and effort into establishing an authoritative yet approachable online presence through:

  • A professional website that engenders trust
  • Active and engaging social media profiles
  • Speaking events, guest articles and other visibility tactics
  • Proactively encouraging client reviews across channels

Continually Develop Your Capabilities

Commit to lifelong learning and development through:

  • Attending conferences and workshops
  • Maintaining awareness of emerging best practices
  • Expanding your toolkit with new therapeutic methods
  • Considering a PhD or PsyD to amplify your expertise over time

Optimize Your Practice Operations

Implement structured processes for scheduling, billing and productivity tracking. Technology and automation can maximize efficiency. Define clear payment terms and charge appropriately for your value.

Key Online Therapy Platforms

PlatformDescriptionFee Arrangement
InnoWellLeading Aussie platform matching clients to therapists. Specializes in enabling independent practices through its software.Therapists set their own rates. Platform charges monthly SaaS fee.
SimplePracticeEnd-to-end practice management for solo therapists. 
Handles bookings, video calls, notes and payments.
Subscription plans from $49-$199/month. Therapists keep 100% of earnings.
AustraliaCounselingOnline directory connecting clients to counselors. 
Free listing and strong discoverability.
Paid booking fees per client session apply. Rates set by counselor.

In essence, all three platforms allow online therapists to maximize their income potential with flexible fee-setting arrangements.

  • They provide the infrastructure and discoverability to attract an online clientele on favorable financial terms.

When choosing between these digital practice setup options, Aussie therapists can weigh factors like features, support, reputation, and costs to determine the best fit.


With demand surging, the future looks bright for Aussie online therapists. By providing specialized support conveniently through virtual channels, you can build a rewarding and lucrative career.

Use the guidance above to maximize your income potential in this sphere.

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