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This article explores whether the popular online therapy platform BetterHelp is covered under Tricare and outlines alternative options for care.

Mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and PTSD are reaching staggering rates among active military personnel and veterans.

Accessing mental health services can be challenging for those relying on Tricare insurance.

What is BetterHelp?

Founded in 2013, BetterHelp is one of the largest virtual counseling services worldwide. It matches clients with licensed therapists for video, phone, or text counseling.

  • offers advantages like flexibility, lower costs, and not needing referrals. However, it doesn’t directly partner with Tricare insurance.
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Understanding Tricare’s Mental Health Benefits

Tricare provides health insurance to over 9 million active duty service members, National Guard/Reserve members, retirees, and family members.

Its mental health benefits include outpatient and inpatient services, psychiatric hospitalization, psychological testing, and telemental health care.

  • Tricare covers mental health services from in-network providers only. So, while it includes teletherapy benefits, BetterHelp is separate.
  • Clients must pay BetterHelp’s monthly fees entirely out-of-pocket without reimbursement.

Finding Alternative Online Therapy Options Under Tricare

While BetterHelp isn’t covered, those with Tricare do have options for online counseling within their benefits. These include:

  • In-Network Telemental Health Providers: Tricare members can access mental health services remotely from providers in Tricare’s networks. Finding approved telemental health professionals is easy using Tricare’s mental health provider search tool.
  • Tricare Mental Health Resources: Tricare offers various mental health programs, tools, and apps, including:

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Pros and Cons of Using BetterHelp Under Tricare

Though BetterHelp isn’t covered by Tricare, clients can still use it and self-pay the monthly subscription costs.

There are advantages and disadvantages to explore:


  • Financial aid available
  • No need for referrals
  • Convenient 24/7 access
  • Matching with licensed, vetted therapists
  • Often more affordable than traditional therapy


  • Out-of-pocket expense not reimbursable by Tricare
  • No guarantee of finding an ideal therapist match
  • Loss of Tricare benefits protections

With BetterHelp not accepting insurance, weigh your options to make the best choice for your needs, finances, and insurance coverage.

Seeking mental health support can profoundly improve wellbeing, regardless of how you access care.

Online Therapy PlatformCovered by Tricare?Description
BetterHelpNo– Popular online therapy provider 
– Matches clients with licensed therapists
– Flexible video/phone/text-based counseling
– Affordable self-pay monthly fees
Tricare Telemental Health CareYes– Tricare’s network of approved online mental health providers
– Covered in-network telemental health benefits
– Must use TRICARE’s provider search tool to locate
Tricare Mental Health ResourcesYes– Various mental health programs, tools, and apps
– Include referrals, appointment scheduling, information resources, and mobile apps


While convenient online platforms like BetterHelp aren’t directly covered by Tricare at this time, teletherapy benefits do exist for accessing licensed mental health providers remotely.

Compare all of your choices using Tricare’s resources. Reach out for support if you or a loved one are facing mental health challenges – various affordable options for quality care are available.



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