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This article will provide an overview of online therapy and its pros and cons, specifically examining the BetterHelp platform and alternatives for those seeking counseling services in Switzerland.

BetterHelp, founded in sunny California in 2013, has become quite the trailblazer in the burgeoning field of online therapy and counseling services over the past decade.

The innovative tech company works compassionately to connect clients seeking support in Switzerland with accredited and highly experienced counselors ready to help guide them toward healthier mindsets.

Mental health landscape in Switzerland

  • Studies show depression is more common in women than men in Switzerland. Between 9.7% and 23.9% of women have depression.
  • Anxiety disorders also appear more prevalent in Swiss women than men. Estimates suggest between 13.6% and 17.3% of women have clinically significant anxiety.
  • For men in Switzerland, the percentage with anxiety disorders has been estimated to be as high as 12.5%.
  • Nearly half (48 percent) of the Swiss population views mental health issues as one of the top health problems impacting people across the country.

With mental health issues on the rise, many are finding that online counseling provides a convenient way to get needed support.

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4.5 (7,344+) FROM TRUSTPILOT

Fill out a brief questionnaire and get matched with an experienced therapist online in as little as 48 hours.

✓ Over 35K credentialed professionals

✓ Financial aid available

✓ Subscriptions as low as 65 USD/week, billed every four weeks

✓ Cancel plan or change therapist anytime

20% off your first month through Therapy Helpers

BetterHelp Availability in Switzerland

  • Services are available in Switzerland
  • English is the default language on the platform
  • Many therapists fluent in German, French, Italian; however, availability varies and is not guaranteed (verify with support if a bilingual therapist is available)
  • Clients matched based on their location

How does BetterHelp work in Switzerland? matches clients with therapists conveniently through virtual platforms:

  • Complete intake questionnaire covering your needs
  • Matched algorithmically within 48 hours based on preferences
  • Communicate via:
    • Phone
    • Video chat
    • Messaging
  • Seamlessly switch counselors if needed

BetterHelp Switzerland Cost

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For Swiss residents seeking online counseling via BetterHelp, current pricing is around 57 CHF (USD 65) to 79 CHF (USD 90) weekly, billed every four weeks*.

Subscriptions include weekly therapy sessions – either 30 or 45 minutes in length – with the exact cost depending on your matched counselor’s credentials and experience level.

The platform strives to offer more affordable mental health support compared to traditional in-office therapy.

Given the public perception of psychological issues as a top health concern locally, BetterHelp provides a lower-cost way of accessing care for common conditions like anxiety and depression.

*Based on exchange rate of 1 USD = 0.87 CHF, rates may fluctuate.

Payment Terms

  • Month-to-month subscriptions
  • Cancel anytime; no long-term commitments
    • Payments via Visa, MasterCard, or Paypal
    • Billed every four weeks

Features Included

  • You can message your counselor anytime
  • Live session frequency/duration customized
  • Progress tracking tools
  • Guidance/advice between sessions
  • Weekly group sessions

Cost comparison: online therapy vs traditional counseling in Switzerland

With BetterHelp, Swiss residents can access professional therapy for 59-91 CHF weekly (USD 65-100), billed every four weeks. It is far below the typical local rates for private practice counseling.

Pricing Details
Weekly Cost 59 CHF to 91 CHF
Monthly Cost 236 CHF to 363 CHF
Billing Every 4 weeks
Session Length 30 or 45 minutes
Pricing Factors Counselor experience, location, session length
Affordability More affordable than traditional in-person therapy, 800 CHF monthly

Individual in-office sessions in Switzerland run around 180-220 CHF for 50 minutes; couples and group counseling can cost 300-400 CHF per 90-minute session.

Given such high hourly in-person therapy pricing locally, BetterHelp provides significant savings for those seeking the convenience of online treatment.

BetterHelp Therapist Qualifications


  • Credentialed in the US or the UK, allowed to provide online therapy in Switzerland
  • 1000 hours & 3+ years of minimum experience
  • Ongoing professional development


Common needs covered:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Relationships
  • Addictions
  • Grief

Unique Expertise

  • A wide selection of counselors
  • LGBTQIA+ affirmative therapy
  • Faith-based counseling
  • Telehealth modality competence

Ad, keeps our community free. The perspectives presented on this website are genuinely our own and we do not accept money for reviews.

betterhelp logo
betterhelp review

4.5 (7,344+) FROM TRUSTPILOT

Fill out a brief questionnaire and get matched with an experienced therapist online in as little as 48 hours.

✓ Over 35K credentialed professionals

✓ Financial aid available

✓ Subscriptions as low as 65 USD/week, billed every four weeks

✓ Cancel plan or change therapist anytime

20% off your first month through Therapy Helpers

Ratings & Reviews

BetterHelp has collected over 6,700 reviews globally, earning an excellent 4.5-star overall rating. Most customers rate it positively for benefits like improved access, affordability, communication flexibility, and supplemental resources. 

While some raise pricing model concerns, most describe positive experiences and outcomes using the platform’s therapists for self-improvement through virtual support.

Praise for BetterHelp

  • Convenience and accessibility
  • Flexible availability
  • Feeling heard and understood

Constructive Feedback

  • Mixed therapist fit success
  • Limits of virtual vs. in-person
  • Desire for a multilingual platform

Is BetterHelp Worth It For Switzerland?

Key Pros

  • Convenience & Accessibility
    • 24/7 access to therapy anywhere through a computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Qualifications
    • Fully credentialed, experienced therapists
  • Affordability
    • Lower cost than in-office sessions

Potential Cons

  • No insurance coverage
    • Self-pay only currently
  • Virtual limitations
    • Lacks sensory/physical evaluation
  • Therapist matching inconsistencies
    • May require trial and error

Free local resources

Be sure to check these local resources:

  • offers round-the-clock access to free and private assistance via phone, text, or online chat, Call 147 or
  • The Helping Hand Association’s Tel 143 provides compassionate listening, caring presence, and support for those experiencing emotional distress, Call 143 or
  • Counselling Pro Mente Sana provides free, confidential psychosocial and legal support over the phone in German (0848 800 858), French (0840 000 061 for legal, 0840 000 062 for psychosocial), and Italian (091 646 83 49). Those with mental health struggles, along with their loved ones, can access advice at no cost.
  • Secure online counseling is also available in four languages (German, French, Italian, English) through Pro Mente Sana’s website, where users can send encrypted messages about mental health issues and receive responses within three working days.


BetterHelp provides a supplemental mental health resource expanding access through:

  • Flexibility
  • Lower Cost
  • Immediate Availability

But severe or complex cases likely need:

  • In-person evaluations
  • Custom treatment planning
  • Coordination with other local specialists

So BetterHelp is a strong starting point supporting Switzerland residents looking for convenient counseling if expectations stay realistic.

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Switzerland: People with mental illness help each other

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