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This comprehensive guide explains how to navigate the process of requesting and obtaining a refund from BetterHelp.

Online therapy platforms like BetterHelp provide convenient access to mental health services through virtual counseling. However, there may be times when users are dissatisfied with the service and seek reimbursement.

Introduction to BetterHelp

Founded in 2013, BetterHelp is one of the most popular online therapy providers, with over 33,000 licensed therapists offering counseling by phone, video, chat, and messaging.

BetterHelp aims to make professional mental health services more accessible and affordable. A study of 318 BetterHelp users found that after using the platform, all experienced a significant reduction in their depression symptoms.

Users complete a questionnaire and are matched with a therapist, then pay monthly subscription fees of $65-90 per week.

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Can you get a refund on BetterHelp?

BetterHelp provides refunds on a case-by-case basis after reviewing each request.

Will BetterHelp refund me?

There are several potential reasons why you may be eligible for a refund from BetterHelp:

Dissatisfaction with service quality

If the quality of your counseling does not meet expectations, your therapist is a poor fit, or you are generally dissatisfied with BetterHelp’s services, you can request a refund.

  • Be prepared to explain in detail what aspects are unsatisfactory, such as communication issues, lack of availability, or unhelpful advice from your counselor.

Platform or technical issues

Ongoing technical problems that prevent you from conveniently using BetterHelp’s chat, phone, video, or messaging could warrant a refund.

  • Provide screenshots, error messages, or timeline details that document the technical difficulties experienced.

Changes in personal circumstances

Major life changes like a move that makes BetterHelp’s service geographically unavailable, new financial hardship, or medical issues may qualify you for a refund, especially if acted upon quickly.

  • Explain how your circumstances necessitate no longer using the service.

Duplicate or erroneous charges

Being charged incorrectly, double-billed, or signed up for an incorrect plan by mistake are valid grounds for seeking a refund of the invalid payments.

  • Provide records like bank statements showing duplicate charges or inaccuracies.
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BetterHelp refund policy

BetterHelp states that they may provide refunds on a case-by-case basis after reviewing the particular circumstances. To be eligible, you will need to meet certain criteria.

Begin the process by contacting BetterHelp at and describing why you were unsatisfied with their services, provide as much detail as possible and supporting documentation. They will then evaluate your specific situation individually to determine if a refund is warranted.

How do I get a refund from BetterHelp

If you have a valid reason and sufficient documentation, here are the steps to request reimbursement from BetterHelp:

Reach out to customer support

Email explaining your situation, the reason for the refund request, evidence to back up your claim, and the expected compensation amount.

  • Be clear, concise, and include critical details like your account information.

Follow up via BetterHelp customer service phone

If the email is unsuccessful after several days, call 888-688-9296 during regular business hours to speak with a representative directly.

  • Calmly reiterate your reasons for a refund and why it is justified.

Submit an Online Ticket

BetterHelp also provides an online contact form. Fill this out, indicate you have a billing question, and detail your refund request.

  • Follow up if you do not receive a response.

Mail a physical letter

For further documentation, consider sending a certified letter to BetterHelp’s corporate address at 990 Villa Street, Mountain View, CA 94041 reiterating your request and reasons.

Remain persistent and professional

Getting approved may take persistence across multiple contacts.

  • But always remain constructive, calm, and professional as you follow up on your rightful refund request.

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What to expect after requesting a refund

Once you have initiated the refund process via customer service, here is what typically happens next:

  • BetterHelp will review your request and may ask clarifying questions to fully understand the situation. Be cooperative and transparent in your responses.
  • Within approximately 3-5 business days of receiving your request, BetterHelp will determine if a full or partial refund is justified based on their policies and the details you provided.
  • If approved, you will receive an email notification that your refund will be processed back to your original payment method. This is generally completed within 10 business days.
  • For declined requests, BetterHelp should explain the reason and potentially offer alternatives like changing counselors or extending your subscription at no cost.
  • Refunds typically cover the last monthly subscription amount, though BetterHelp reviews each case individually regarding appropriate reimbursement.
  • Ensure the refund successfully reaches your account, then follow up again if there are any issues receiving the reimbursed amount.

Tips for getting your BetterHelp refund approved

Here are some top tips for boosting your chances of having your BetterHelp refund request accepted:

  • Be concise but detailed – Briefly explain the core issue, but also provide enough context and evidence to justify the request.
  • Act quickly – Request refunds as soon as possible after a problem starts, ideally within days or weeks. Delayed action reduces credibility.
  • Keep thorough records – Maintain dated documentation that proves technical errors, billing mistakes, unsatisfactory experiences, or other issues.
  • Review BetterHelp’s policies – Understanding their terms of service and guarantees can help frame your request appropriately.
  • Be honest – Transparency builds trust and helps BetterHelp fully grasp problems experienced with the service.
  • Stay polite and patient – A constructive, appreciative tone and reasonable patience make resolution more likely.
  • Escalate properly – If needed, ask to speak with a supervisor or manager with authority to address unsatisfied customers.
  • Consider alternatives – Changing counselors or service plans may also resolve problems, though a refund should still be an option.

Potential refund challenges and solutions

While BetterHelp pledges to address refunds on a case-by-case basis, users have reported some challenges getting reimbursement approved:

  • Instant account cancellation – Some users say their accounts get immediately closed once they initiate refund discussions. If this happens, follow up persistently via phone, online forms, and written letters.
  • Refusal without clear explanation – Keep pressing for a justification if your refund is denied without an adequate explanation. Escalate politely to a supervisor if needed.
  • Frustration with automated responses – Keep trying different contact methods until you can speak with a real person empowered to properly address your concerns.
  • More success via payment providers – In difficult cases, some have ultimately gotten refunds by filing disputes with their credit card company or PayPal instead of going directly through BetterHelp.
  • Loss of access to counselor history – If your account is closed after escalating a refund request, you may lose access to records needed to justify your position. If possible, preemptively document and download any session notes, emails, or messages exchanged with your counselor.

Alternatives to seek before canceling BetterHelp

While refunds reimburse you after canceling BetterHelp, you may want to explore alternatives that allow you to continue services:

  • Change your counselor – If you have issues with your current therapist’s approach or communication style, request a new match more suited to your needs.
  • Adjust your plan – Upgrading to a package with more counselor interaction may resolve dissatisfaction related to limited availability or support.
  • Use different communication methods – Switching from messaging to live phone or video sessions could improve therapeutic value if the text-based option is not meeting your needs.
  • Give it more time – Stick with BetterHelp for a few more weeks if you think there’s potential for improvement as you and your counselor better establish rapport.

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When to walk away without a refund

In some circumstances, cutting your losses and moving on may make sense without prolonging the refund process:

  • After an extended period of clearly substandard service with no reasonable path forward.
  • If you have found a suitable alternative provider that better fits your preferences and needs.
  • When mental health has deteriorated further due to ineffective treatment from BetterHelp.
  • At some point, spending significant time and energy disputing a refund may not be worth the potential reimbursement amount you might recoup.


Getting a refund from BetterHelp requires a legitimate rationale and persistence, but many users are able to successfully get some or all of their subscription fees back by thoroughly documenting issues and professionally escalating their requests when appropriate.

Consider reasonable alternatives, but do not hesitate to walk away if BetterHelp clearly does not provide satisfactory mental health services. Do what is best for your well-being.


What if I’m denied a refund after contacting BetterHelp support?

If customer support denies your request, politely ask for an explanation and escalate your case to a supervisor if needed.

Is there a time limit for how long I must request a BetterHelp refund?

BetterHelp does not provide specific time limits, but it’s best to request refunds as soon as possible after dissatisfaction arises to increase credibility. Waiting months to claim a refund will likely make approval more difficult.

What if I’m outside the refund window but still dissatisfied with BetterHelp’s service?

If considerable time has passed but you remain unhappy with your BetterHelp experience, first make sure you have properly communicated issues to your counselor and customer support.

  • Check if your concerns could be addressed by changing counselors or service plans before immediately requesting a refund. However, persistently yet professionally press BetterHelp about reimbursement options if you have evidence of long-term inadequate service, as your health is the priority.
  • Be prepared to switch providers entirely if unable to obtain a refund or satisfactory changes. Don’t prolong ineffective treatment that does not meet your needs.


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  2. I appreciate how they note the importance of first communicating directly with your therapist if dissatisfied before immediately seeking a refund. Giving them a chance to address any issues is reasonable. However, if after those discussions you still feel unsupported, at least now readers have a clear understanding of the steps involved in potentially obtaining a refund, the percentage you may get back, and BetterHelp’s reasoning behind their approach.

  3. This was really eye-opening about what to expect if you need to get your money back from BetterHelp. I’m glad they review requests on a case-by-case basis, but the tips on escalating to a supervisor if needed are useful in case you get stuck dealing with just automated responses. I’ll keep this advice in mind in case I ever need to request a refund.

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  6. As someone who has struggled to find an affordable therapist that I really click with, BetterHelp seems worth looking into. It’s good to know a refund is possible if I end up unhappy with the service. I’ll make sure to follow the advice about keeping detailed records in case I need to request reimbursement later on.

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