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This article will review how BetterHelp works, compare costs, pros/cons, and what to know if you’re considering using BetterHelp for online counseling in Lebanon.

Key insights

  • BetterHelp is available for Lebanese users to access professional therapy remotely. This improves access in a country with limited mental health resources.
  • BetterHelp pricing in Lebanon ranges from around LBP 976,500 to 1,352,000 per week based on the plan chosen*. It is more affordable than in-person therapy, which starts at around LBP 1,797,000+.
  • User reviews highlight BetterHelp’s convenience and expansive counselor options. Note the availability of bilingual (English + Arabic or French) providers varies on the platform.

*Estimated cost in Lebanese Pounds is based on the exchange rate of 15,000 LBP to 1 USD. Rates may fluctuate.

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4.5 (7,344+) FROM TRUSTPILOT

Fill out a brief questionnaire and get matched with an experienced therapist online in as little as 48 hours.

✓ Over 35K credentialed professionals

✓ Financial aid available

✓ Subscriptions as low as 65 USD/week, billed every four weeks

✓ Cancel plan or change therapist anytime

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BetterHelp cost in Lebanon vs. traditional therapy

Since launching in 2013, they have become a leading provider of virtual therapy worldwide, with options like individual and couples counseling.

BetterHelp has pricing tiers based on how much support you want. Here’s what it costs in Lebanese Pounds:

BetterHelp: Lebanon Traditional Therapy
LBP 976,500-1,352,000 per week LBP 1,797,000-2,875,500 for 45-60 minute session
(One live session per week and ongoing messaging) (No support in between)
LBP 3,906,000 to 5,408,000 per month LBP 8,747,000-13,173,500 per month
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*Estimated cost in Lebanese Pounds is based on the exchange rate of 15,000 LBP to 1 USD. Rates may fluctuate.

The estimated cost is about LBP 976,500 to 1,352,000 per week (or USD 65-90), varying based on your preferences and location.

  • Payment is charged every 4 weeks, so monthly it would be 3,906,000 to 5,408,000 Lebanese Pound (USD 260-360).
  • Messaging your therapist between appointments is included at no extra cost.

Compared to typical in-office therapy in Lebanon, which averages LBP 8,747,000 to 13,173,500 monthly, BetterHelp provides savings. You also avoid transportation expenses and hidden fees.

Overview of BetterHelp Program

BetterHelp makes online counseling accessible to people in Lebanon by matching clients with credentialed therapists through their digital platform. Here are some key things to know:

Therapists: Over 33,000 credentialed therapists across North America and Europe who offer counseling for issues like:

Communication: Clients can communicate with their therapist through live chat, phone, video, and messaging on the platform. Most people use a combination of methods.

Convenience: You can access therapy anywhere through the mobile app or desktop site without traveling to appointments.

Cost: BetterHelp costs about USD 65-90 per week, depending on your package. It’s typically more affordable than traditional in-office therapy in many cases.

BetterHelp aims to make professional counseling accessible, convenient, and tailored to each person’s needs.

Keep reading to see if online therapy with BetterHelp could be right for your situation.

Addressing mental health treatment gap in Lebanon

Lebanon lacks adequate mental health resources to meet demand. Estimates indicate around 90% of people needing psychological help in Lebanon are unable to access services.

The country has a severe shortage of mental health professionals, with:

  • Very few practicing psychiatrists
  • Even fewer practicing psychologists

There are only 42 outpatient facilities providing mental health services, predominantly concentrated in urban regions. This leaves rural populations extremely underserved.

The immense gap between mental health needs and available support services necessitates major efforts to expand access to care across Lebanon.

Some ways to help could include:

  • Increasing funding for mental health services
  • Providing incentives to attract more professionals
  • Expanding telehealth and online therapy options
  • Public awareness campaigns to reduce stigma

Addressing the mental health treatment gap must become a priority in Lebanon.

city view daytime in Lebanon

BetterHelp to the rescue

According to recent research, the immense hardship recently faced in Lebanon means psychiatric conditions and emotional distress could easily spiral out of control on a widespread scale.

With such likely far-reaching fallout, early and proactive mental health support is absolutely vital.

However, between the mass emigration, the nonstop economic decline, and strained local resources, Lebanon alone may struggle to implement adequate solutions to safeguard people’s welfare, dignity, and mental health rights at a national level.

The current dire situation calls for an expanded, collaborative effort to protect the Lebanese people from this mental health crisis.

BetterHelp features and platform

BetterHelp provides a user-friendly platform for accessing virtual therapy:

  • Therapist matching: Answer questions about your therapy needs and preferences during sign-up. BetterHelp will match you with a credentialed therapist best suited for you.
  • Live chat: Exchange messages with your therapist using real-time chat. Conversations are conveniently archived in your account.
  • Phone and video calls: Schedule phone sessions or video calls with your therapist. Video allows you to talk face-to-face.
  • Messaging: Send messages to your therapist if you prefer asynchronous communication. They can respond when they are available.
  • Mobile app: Download BetterHelp’s app to your smartphone or tablet for on-the-go access to therapy.
  • Progress tracking: Use built-in tools to track your mood over time. This allows you to monitor your progress.
  • Education: BetterHelp offers psychologist-approved educational resources and mental health assessments.
  • Flexibility: Pause or resume your account anytime. Change therapists if needed for the right fit.

BetterHelp provides a user-friendly virtual counseling experience across web and mobile app platforms.

Features make it easy to communicate with your therapist in real-time or on your own schedule.

Ad, keeps our community free. Therapy Helpers does not accept money for reviews.

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betterhelp review

4.5 (7,344+) FROM TRUSTPILOT

Fill out a brief questionnaire and get matched with an experienced therapist online in as little as 48 hours.

✓ Over 35K credentialed professionals

✓ Financial aid available

✓ Subscriptions as low as 65 USD/week, billed every four weeks

✓ Cancel plan or change therapist anytime

20% off your first month through Therapy Helpers

How to sign up for BetterHelp in Lebanon

Signing up for BetterHelp online therapy in Lebanon is simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the BetterHelp page at
  2. Fill out a brief questionnaire to get matched with a therapist. Answer questions about your mental health history, challenges you want to address, type of therapist you want, and schedule availability. Make sure to mention you live in Lebanon.
  3. Set up your account. Provide your payment information and set up your username, password, and security questions. You’ll also fill in details like name, contact info, and emergency contacts.
  4. Get matched. BetterHelp will match you with a credentialed therapist based on your questionnaire responses.
  5. Start therapy. Once matched, you can immediately message your new therapist to schedule your first phone, chat, or video session.

The whole process typically takes a few minutes from start to finish. It’s a quick and easy way to get matched with a therapist and start online counseling.

Types of therapists on BetterHelp

BetterHelp connects you with credentialed mental health professionals like:

  • Psychologists: Have a PhD, PsyD, or EdD in psychology. Experts in assessing psychological conditions and providing talk therapy.
  • Clinical Social Workers: Hold an MSW or DSW degree. Help with issues related to mental health disorders, relationships, trauma, and stress management.
  • Marriage and Couples Therapists: Have a Master’s or PhD in marriage therapy. Can help individuals and provide relationship counseling for couples.
  • Credentialed Professional Counselors: Hold a Master’s degree in counseling or psychology. Trained to treat mental health disorders and help clients set life goals.

All therapists must meet BetterHelp’s credentialed requirements for the country they practice in. Look for a provider best suited to your therapy goals when getting matched.

Prepare some questions for BetterHelp therapists

Here are some suggested questions to bring to your initial therapy consultation:

  • What therapeutic approach(es) do you use? Why do you feel that is most effective for my situation?
  • What are your qualifications? Do you have experience treating my specific condition?
  • How do you personalize treatment plans for each client? How would you assess my needs?
  • How do you typically structure a therapy session? What does the process look like from start to finish?
  • What treatment modalities do you specialize in? Why would you recommend them for my needs?
  • How do you measure progress and outcomes in clients? What benchmarks will we use?
  • Do you have experience working with clients from my cultural background? How do you ensure cultural competence?

Going in prepared with clear questions can help you determine if a therapist measures up to your standards and make an informed choice about moving forward together.

Don’t hesitate to interview potential therapists thoroughly. Finding the right fit is critical.

How much does BetterHelp cost for Lebanese people?

For Lebanese people accessing BetterHelp, the pricing ranges from around LBP 976,500 to 1,352,000 per week, billed every four weeks, depending on the plan you choose.

In dollars, that’s translated to USD 65 – 90 per week. While the pricing is advertised weekly, the subscription plans are billed every four weeks.

BetterHelp aims to expand access to affordable counseling for Lebanese people facing barriers to traditional in-person therapy.

Their platform offers features to customize your mental health plan and do their best to try to match with the ideal therapist for your needs.

While local providers may charge less, BetterHelp provides extensive value by trying to connect Lebanese people to credentialed counselors worldwide who understand the cultural context.

This allows finding a great fit without geographic restrictions.

While it cannot be guaranteed to be matched to a professional therapist who is from or very familiar with Lebanon and its culture, the platform matches you with an appropriate counselor based on factors like your location, language, background, and/or the issues you’re dealing with.

By continuously improving its therapist network and support tools, BetterHelp strives to help Lebanese people find tailored mental healthcare that aligns with their budget and priorities during a time of economic crisis.

Their focus is on making counseling accessible for Lebanese people to support them through ongoing hardship.

Pros and cons of using BetterHelp

Here are some of the key advantages and potential disadvantages to consider when using BetterHelp in Lebanon:


  • Convenient virtual access from anywhere
  • Wider variety of therapists to choose from
  • Generally cheaper than in-person therapy
  • Discreteness and comfort of your space
  • Open extended hours
  • Change therapists anytime
  • Financial aid available


  • Not designed for crisis support, such as emergencies or severe mental illness that may need in-person care
  • Availability of Lebanese counselors is not guaranteed
  • No in-person contact
  • No insurance

Online therapy won’t be the right fit for everyone. But BetterHelp makes credentialed counseling more accessible in Lebanon for those open to virtual services.

Additional mental health resources available in Lebanon

Accessing therapy online in Lebanon has become much easier with websites like BetterHelp, Talkspace, Regain, Pride Counseling, and Mindsome.

Service Weekly Cost Key Considerations
BetterHelp LPB 976,500+ Financial aid available. Live video chat. You can message your therapist anytime. KRW 53110+ Professional therapy for wide range of conditions.
Talkspace LPB 967,500-1,414,500+ Messaging, live sessions, medications, psychiatrists available.
Regain LPB 976,500+ Relationship/intimacy experts.
Mindsome LPB 977,000 Live video chat, unlimited messages, accredited counselors.

Lebanese people living abroad also now have extensive online therapy options to explore if feeling overwhelmed.

Whether based in Lebanon or internationally, virtual counseling can provide a convenient way to access mental health support and overcome stigma.

In-person therapy is still an option through mental health clinics located in major cities across Lebanon.

Free or low-cost mental health support in Lebanon:

  • Idraac provides free mental health consultations to those unable to pay for treatment. Anyone can contact them at 76100576 to inquire about accessing their no-cost services.
  • Blue Mission offers free psychological support and therapy from a psychologist and drama therapist for those struggling to cope with hardships or heal from trauma. Anyone can schedule a free appointment to access their compassionate mental health services by calling 07-732636 or 78-965062.
  • International Medical Corps regularly holds support groups tailored to different needs, as well as offering specialized mental health referrals.

Mental health landscape in Lebanon

A recent study found high levels of depressive symptoms among the refugee population, which aligns with expectations. Approximately 25% of participants screened positive for moderate to severe depression based on the PHQ-9 assessment.

This rate is markedly higher than the estimated 9.9% depression prevalence previously seen in the general Lebanese population.

These results clearly indicate a substantially increased risk for depression associated with the refugee experience.

One in four refugees enduring forced displacement, loss of home, and resettlement struggle with:

  • Depressed mood
  • Sleep issues
  • Appetite changes
  • Other mental health problems

Adequate support is essential to address this vast unmet need within the refugee community.

A more recent 2022 study on child and adolescent mental health in Lebanon revealed high rates of psychiatric conditions. Key findings from the Psychopathology in Children and Adolescents in Lebanon Study (PALS):

  • 32.7% of 1,517 youth screened positive for at least one psychiatric disorder
  • However, only 5% of those with disorders sought professional mental health help

This high prevalence signals an urgent need for youth mental health prevention in Lebanon.

Additionally, in 2022, around 20% of those aged 15-24 reported having depression. The data highlights critical gaps in care for Lebanese children and teens:

  • High rates of mental health conditions
  • Low utilization of professional services
  • Lack of prevention programs

Bridging these gaps is imperative to support the psychological well-being of Lebanon’s youth.

Expanded access to care and destigmatization of mental illness are essential first steps.

Cultural factors

Lebanese culture traditionally has certain stigmas around mental health issues that may cause people to feel ashamed or reluctant to pursue in-person counseling.

The discrete approach of online therapy can help overcome these hesitations.

However, it is still important to find a therapist knowledgeable about Lebanese culture, family dynamics, religious diversity, and concepts like “namus” (honor).

A culturally competent therapist will understand how to build trust and rapport while navigating sensitivities surrounding mental health within this cultural context.

BetterHelp counselors can provide a judgment-free space to process issues affected by cultural influences and expectations.

A qualitative study explores the stigma experienced by mental health patients in Lebanon.

Key findings:

  • Stigma remains a major issue affecting those with mental health conditions (MHC).
  • Patients report facing overt discriminatory behavior in the community.
  • Discrimination is more implicit in primary care settings.

These results highlight need for reducing stigma on multiple levels:

  1. Combating structural stigma via legal reform
  2. Addressing interpersonal stigma
    • Education
    • Contact-based strategies
  3. Ensuring primary care commitment to quality mental healthcare
    • Management buy-in
    • Integrated services
  4. Reducing intrapersonal stigma
    • Building public empathy
    • Anti-stigma campaigns

A multi-layered approach is essential to tackle the pervasive stigma surrounding MHC in Lebanon.

Reviews on using BetterHelp therapists

According to TrustPilot, Many BetterHelp users praise the platform and share positive experiences.

Key benefits highlighted:

  • Easy access
  • Affordable pricing
  • High-quality therapy

For some, the online setting feels more welcoming than in-person therapy. It offers space without fear of judgment.


  • Better Business Bureau:
    • BetterHelp has an A rating
    • But this may not fully reflect newcomer feedback
  • Trustpilot:
    • 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 6,800+ reviews
    • Kudos for top-tier customer service and satisfaction

However, some still prefer traditional in-person counseling over online.

While BetterHelp gets overwhelmingly positive feedback, it comes down to personal preferences and needs. Those wanting face-to-face interaction may favor traditional therapy.

Bottom Line: Should I use BetterHelp in Lebanon?

For many people in Lebanon, BetterHelp can provide an accessible, affordable, and convenient way to quickly connect with credentialed therapists online.

Is it the right platform for you?

  • Consider BetterHelp if open to therapy via messaging/phone/video, have a difficult schedule, financial constraints, and have personal space at home.
  • When signing up, carefully complete the questionnaire to optimize your experience with the right provider.

While not a complete replacement for in-office counseling, the virtual platform makes getting mental health support simple from the comfort of home.

With over 33,000 counselors worldwide, BetterHelp can match clients with professionals experienced in issues specific to Lebanese culture and mental health needs.

If interested, visit BetterHelp website today to learn more and get started.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. There are no long-term commitments, and you can easily cancel or pause your subscription through your account settings.

Are the therapists credentialed?

Yes, all the therapists are accredited professionals. They have undergone rigorous training and hold the necessary qualifications to provide mental health therapy.

Can I schedule appointments with my therapist?

Yes, you can schedule appointments with your therapist. The platform offers flexible scheduling options, allowing you to find a time that works best for you and your therapist.

Is BetterHelp available in Beirut only or in other cities in Lebanon?

BetterHelp is available to individuals in all cities across Lebanon. As an online therapy platform, its services can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, making it accessible to individuals in Beirut and other cities.


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