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Is Online Therapy Covered by Insurance in Canada?

While insurance coverage for online therapy varies widely across providers in Canada, alternatives like self-pay, workplace employee assistance programs, non-profits, and government funded supports can help increase accessibility and affordability.
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Do Empaths Struggle with Mental Health?

Empaths deeply absorb the emotions of others, which can impair their mental health over time. Learning coping strategies like setting boundaries and self-care is key for empaths to find balance and maintain their mental wellbeing.
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What Is the Difference Between a Hypnotist and a Hypnotherapist?

While both hypnotists and hypnotherapists use hypnosis techniques, hypnotists focus on inducing temporary trance states, whereas hypnotherapists utilize hypnosis as part of an overall therapeutic approach to treating specific mental health and behavioral issues.
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Hypnotherapy Not Working? Here’s What You Can Do

If hypnotherapy isn't working as hoped, strategic adjustments like clarifying your goals, being open to new modalities, and trying a different hypnotherapist may help it become effective.
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What Do Psychologists Say About Empaths?

Empaths profoundly understand others by intensely feeling their emotions, but may battle exhaustion, dependency and isolation without developing emotional regulation. Though deeply empathetic, empaths risk personal struggles if they don't strengthen coping mechanisms.
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Is Online Therapy Available in Canada?

Online therapy has come a long way in Canada over the past few years. While availability was once very uneven across the country, ongoing investments in technology and infrastructure are rapidly improving access so more Canadians can benefit from virtual mental health support.
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When Should You Not Use EMDR?

EMDR therapy, which helps process disturbing memories and emotions, is not suitable during crises or for those with unstable mental illness who cannot tolerate high emotion.
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Is Online Hypnosis Dangerous?

While online hypnosis expands access, experts urge caution as inadequate safeguards could enable unscrupulous providers to implant harmful suggestions.
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What Type of Therapy is Best for Empaths?

Empaths deeply absorb others' emotions, allowing profound connections but risking overwhelm without boundaries. Finding the right therapy approach like mindfulness, somatic work, cognitive-behavioral therapy or dialectical behavior therapy allows empaths to harness their gifts while fostering health and happiness.
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BetterHelp Group Therapy: 2023 Cost & Full Review

BetterHelp's convenient and affordable online group sessions connect members to a licensed therapist and small group for guided video sessions focused on building skills, gaining support, and achieving personal growth.

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