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Mental health blog

Does Facebook Own Betterhelp

Does Facebook Own BetterHelp?

BetterHelp, the popular online therapy platform, is owned by Teladoc Health Inc., not Facebook, despite past controversies surrounding data sharing practices.
Sex Positive Therapy

Sex Positive Therapy: An Empowering Approach

Sex-positive therapy offers a non-judgmental space to explore and improve your relationship with sex, sexuality, and your body.
How To Stop Hypnosis

How to Stop Hypnosis

Discover effective strategies to break free from hypnosis, empowering you to regain control of your mind and consciousness.
Does Sex Therapy Involve Sex

Does Sex Therapy Involve Sex?

Sex therapy does not directly involve sexual activity between the therapist and client. It focuses instead on building communication skills, providing psychoeducation, and assigning "homework" to help improve sexual functioning or intimacy issues.
How Long Can You Stay Hypnotized

How Long Can You Stay Hypnotized

While hypnosis can feel like an altered or trance-like state, most people remain aware during the experience and the duration depends largely on the individual and depth of the trance, with hypnotic states typically lasting from a few minutes up to around an hour at most for a deep state before coming out naturally.
How To Spot An Alcoholic

How To Spot an Alcoholic Face

A new study reveals facial features like flushed skin, puffy eyes, and enlarged pores that may serve as visible warning signs of alcoholism.
Can You Be Hypnotized Against Your Will

Can You Be Hypnotized Against Your Will?

Hypnosis isn't a magical power of control but rather a state of heightened suggestibility that you must actively enter.
How To Help Someone With Porn Addiction

How to Help Someone With a Porn Addiction

With compassion and understanding, you can support someone struggling with porn addiction by having an open conversation about their challenges, exploring counseling or support groups, setting healthy boundaries, and fostering activities that promote genuine connection.
Does Medicare Cover Sex Therapy

Does Medicare Cover Sex Therapy? Exploring Your Options

Exploring the boundaries of Medicare coverage, we delve into whether it extends to sex therapy, shedding light on the healthcare services accessible under this federal program.
How Long To Rewire Brain From Addiction

How Long to Rewire the Brain from Addiction?

Rewiring the brain after addiction is a challenging process that typically takes one year or longer depending on factors like length of use and treatment approach, but the brain’s natural plasticity makes full recovery possible over time.
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