Fouad Monzer

Clinical Psychologist for Mental Health

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About Me

A dedicated Clinical Psychologist with a mission to make a positive impact in the mental health realm. Since 2019, I’ve been deeply involved in the field, specializing in addiction, trauma, anxiety, and phobias.

My journey has taken me to diverse settings, including hospitals, palliative care, rehab centers, and clinics, where I’ve honed my Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) skills and formed meaningful connections with individuals facing various challenges.

As a member of the Lebanese Order of Psychologists (LOPSY) and a fellow of the American Psychological Association (APA), I value collaboration and empowerment. My expertise extends beyond traditional therapeutic approaches – I am actively integrating technology’s power, especially Virtual Reality (XR), into mental health practices.

I find immense fulfillment in working with hard cases, fostering hope even in seemingly hopeless situations. Beyond my clinical practice, I aspire to be an influencer in the mental health field, particularly in the intersection of technology and well-being.


  • MA in Research Psychology (2022 – 2024) Lebanese University, Dekwaneh, Lebanon.
  • MA in Clinical Psychology (2016 – 2021) Lebanese University, Dekwaneh, Lebanon.
  • Certifications
  • CBT certificate from Beck Institute (USA)
  • A licensed clinical psychologist by the Lebanese Order of Psychology

Availability: Contact me via email or phone to schedule a consultation in person (Lebanon) or online. Service is provided in Arabic and English.


Phone: +961 70154495 (WhatsApp available)

Address: Beirut, Lebanon