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Elevate your CBT Anxiety Workbook & Journal with our series of 40 PDF templates. Each template is designed to provide a seamless user experience, with high-resolution files that guarantee clarity and quality.

Benefits of a CBT Anxiety Workbook:

Utilizing a CBT anxiety workbook offers significant benefits for those dealing with anxiety. By leveraging Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques, the workbook helps users to identify and understand the negative thought patterns and behaviors that exacerbate their anxiety. It provides structured exercises and reflections that encourage personal insight and growth.

This practical tool empowers individuals to actively engage in their own treatment, fostering a sense of control and facilitating meaningful change in their approach to anxiety management.


– Belongs to page
– 2024 Calendar
– 2024 Monthly Planner (Jan-Dec)
– Reflection
– Things I love About Myself
– Rewire Your Thought Patterns
– Stay Grounded
– I’m Safe In My Body
– Tension Check-in
– The Balloon Mental Exercise
– What Worries You
– I’m Aware That My Thoughts Are Not Me
– What Will Make Today Great?
– Gratitude Bucket
– The Finger Tracing Exercise
– Bedtime Reflection
– Heart Breathing
– Mood Tracker
– Decatastrophizing
– Weekly Dream Journal
– Positive Affirmation
– Weekly Self-care Plan
– Self Care Goals
– worry coping cards
– My Self-care Checklist
– Monthly Goal planner
– Weekly Task Planning
– Monthly Check In
– Monthly Health Check In
– 30 Days Self Care Challenge
– My Good Habits
– Appointment Tracker
– Physical Activities Tracker
– Medication Tracker
– Positive Journaling
– Self-Care Notes

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