Mental health blog

Mental health blog

Young adults starring at their phones and being anti-social

Effects of Social Media Addiction: Tips and support to break free

Get practical advice and emotional support to overcome social media addiction, enhance your well-being, and establish a healthier relationship with social media with tips and tools to unplug.
woman sitting on a pier looking at the ocean

Is It Possible for a Verbally Abusive Person to Change?

If you know your words and actions hurt those close to you, help is available. It is possible to turn your life around and have healthy, meaningful relationships without using verbal abuse.
Depressed Teenager Looking out the window

Therapist for Teenager Near Me: Best teenage counseling service

For adolescents struggling with mental health issues, seeking the help of a therapist who specializes in teen counseling can be a beneficial step towards improving your well-being.
black white photo of old rotary phone

Bipolar Ghosting: Why They Do It?

Individuals with bipolar disorder may not necessarily be aware that they are engaging in ghosting behavior. The impulsive and erratic nature of the condition can cause a person to act without fully understanding the impact of their actions on others.
two women smiling at each other as they hold an open laptop

Is There A BetterHelp Free Trial? Fact Check [2023]

While BetterHelp does not offer a free trial, it has established itself as a leading online therapy platform, appealing to many individuals seeking mental health support.
Female sitting down feeling anxious

Fear of Everything: Does Pantophobia Exist?

Discover signs and symptoms of Pantophobia, and seek help when necessary. While occasional anxiety is normal, excessive worry can harm our well-being.
man standing among tall skyscrapers with both hands up in air

Embrace Change: How to navigate It

One reason why change is constant is that life is unpredictable. No matter how much we plan or prepare, unexpected events can and will happen. These events can be minor or significant, but they all require us to adapt and adjust.
many candles lit in a dark place

Grief Therapist Near Me: Our recommendation for the best grief specialist

Grief counseling provides a comforting and nurturing space to help you cope and heal through the ups and downs of mourning. Learn more about its methods.
a sign that reads be kind with a red heart

Self-Compassion: A guide to being kinder to self

It's essential to learn how to stop expecting too much from yourself to maintain your mental and physical well-being. In this article, we'll explore some ways to overcome the burden of high expectations and be kinder to ourselves.
A man laying down in the water with body submerged pondering

Double Standards in Society: Why we need to slow down

This might really be one of the most important things I’ve written to date because it affects all of us due to society placing extremely unrealistic standards on us.

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