Being Friends with an Ex: What to Keep in Mind

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Helen Kaminski, MSc


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It’s possible for two people who were once in a romantic relationship to remain friends after breaking up. But, it is essential to remember that navigating these types of relationships can be difficult, and there are certain factors to consider – check your motives first!

This blog post will discuss the benefits of being friends with an ex, the normalcy of jealousy, the loss of a relationship, and the importance of communication when it comes to forming this type of connection.

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Benefits of being friends with an Ex

Being friends with an ex can be beneficial if both parties are open to understanding one another differently and growing together as individuals.

It can provide closure, maturity, growth, the opportunity to rebuild trust, openness, honesty, healthy coexistence with no strings attached, life-long lessons for self-improvement, and more.

It’s normal to feel jealous or have other emotional reactions when you are in a relationship with someone who still has strong ties with their ex — particularly if those ties involve them developing a friendship.

Dr Azhar Qureshi

It’s important to identify what kind of jealousy you’re feeling (healthy or unhealthy) and set healthy boundaries for yourself so that your partner knows what you need from them in order for you to feel safe and secure within the relationship.

Importance of communicating with your partner

Communication is key when it comes to forming relationships with your partner’s ex.

It’s important to actively listen and understand each other’s perspectives as well as establish ground rules that both partners can agree on.

Creating a safe space for difficult conversations is also important — that way both people involved in the conversation feel supported and respected throughout the dialogue.

Compromise and resolving any potential conflicts constructively are also essential in order for these relationships to thrive in a healthy manner.

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Establishing relationships with someone from your past can present its own set of challenges but it can also be rewarding if both parties are willing to communicate openly about their feelings and expectations from one another.

Keeping the benefits of being friends with an ex as well as the normalcy of jealousy in mind — along with practicing active listening, setting objectives/ground rules, creating a safe space for difficult conversations, engaging respectfully in dialogue, compromising if necessary, and resolving conflict constructively — may help make sure this type of connection works out smoothly!

Being friends with an ex can be a tricky situation that should be approached with care and thoughtfulness.

While it is certainly possible to maintain a friendship after a romantic relationship, it is important to check in with yourself and your partner regularly in order to ensure emotional well-being.

Feelings of jealousy or other difficult issues may arise. Communication is key – share any concerns or boundaries that you may want to set up so that everyone stays comfortable and happy!

Ultimately, the goal should be to take care of each other’s emotional needs all while fostering a positive and supportive environment for both.” – Helen

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