Mental health blog

Mental health blog

Ethical Concerns With Online Teen Therapy

Ethical Issues with Online Teen Therapy

As online therapy grows increasingly popular among teenagers seeking mental health support, experts raise concerns about ensuring adequate safeguards for vulnerable young users.
How Do You Know If You Can Be Hypnotized

How Do You Know If You Can Be Hypnotized?

Discovering your susceptibility to hypnosis involves understanding your openness to suggestion, with common indicators including a vivid imagination, deep concentration abilities, and a positive attitude towards the process.
Red Flags In Teenage Behavior

Red Flags in Teenage Behavior

As teens navigate the turbulent waters of adolescence, parents should watch for worrisome signs like abrupt changes in personality, falling grades, isolation from friends and family, or flirtations with self-harm that may indicate serious underlying issues requiring intervention.
Which Factor Negatively Affects Mental Health Of Youth

Which Factor Negatively Affects the Mental Health of Youth?

A recent study reveals that exposure to violence, crime, and abuse in childhood can have serious consequences, negatively impacting mental health and wellbeing later in life.
Cbt Therapy Singapore

Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Common in Singapore?

As mental health awareness rises in Singapore, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is gaining traction as an effective, evidence-based treatment for conditions like anxiety, depression, and OCD, but accessibility and stigma remain challenges.
betterhelp rating

How Is BetterHelp Rated? A Balanced Look [2024]

BetterHelp, the popular online therapy platform, receives mostly positive reviews from users who find the convenience and lower cost make it a good option for accessing mental health care, though some critics argue the model lacks personalization or proper vetting of counselors.
How Do I Know If My Teenager Needs Counseling

How Do I Know If My Teenager Needs Counseling?

If your teen is struggling with issues like depression, anxiety, big changes or trauma, or you notice shifts like withdrawal from friends, falling grades, or reckless behavior, it may be time to explore counseling options.
Betterhelp Vs Talkspace

BetterHelp vs Talkspace: Which Is Best For You? [2024]

The online therapy platforms BetterHelp and TalkSpace go head-to-head on factors like pricing, accessibility, counselor choice, appointment flexibility, and overall user experience.
How To Choose The Perfect Therapist

How To Choose A Therapist: Ultimate Guide [2024]

Choosing the perfect therapist requires asking questions to ensure they specialize in your issues, you feel comfortable opening up, and the logistics will realistically work.
Is Teen Counseling Free

How to Find Free Therapy for Teens Online? [2024]

With mental health issues on the rise among adolescents, many parents wonder if teen counseling services are available at no cost through schools, community health centers, or government programs.

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