Mental health blog

Mental health blog

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Online Gender Therapist: Best Gender Dysphoria Support [2024]

Struggling with gender dysphoria? This comprehensive guide explores the condition, its treatment options, and the benefits of online gender therapy. Find support and resources to navigate your journey.
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BetterHelp Salary Calculator: Earning Potential for Therapists [2024]

Explore the earning potential, requirements, and benefits of building your online therapy practice with BetterHelp. Understand the pay model, estimate your income, and learn how to join this growing platform.
Best Online Therapy In Australia

Best Online Therapy in Australia [2024]

This article explores the best online therapy options in Australia and provides guidance on finding, comparing and starting therapy remotely.
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Is BetterHelp Unethical? An Objective Analysis

BetterHelp, an online therapy platform, has faced ethical questions. As online therapy expands access, debates continue over adequate user protections.
How Expensive Is Mental Health Therapy In Australia

How Expensive Is Mental Health Therapy In Australia?

Breaking down the costs of mental health therapy in Australia - from average fees for different professionals to strategies for utilizing rebates and finding affordable support.
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How Does BetterHelp App Work? [2024]

The BetterHelp app matches users to licensed therapists via text, audio, or video chat. Sign-up takes minutes, and within 48 hours, you are matched with your counselor for weekly live sessions for an affordable monthly fee.
How Much Do Online Therapists Make In Australia

How Much Do Online Therapists Make In Australia?

Australian online therapists can maximize incomes by specializing their skills, blending solo work with online platforms, and establishing strong personal brands.
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Is BetterHelp Tax Deductible in Canada? Demystifying Therapy Tax Benefits

As online therapy platforms like BetterHelp grow in popularity among Canadians, questions arise around whether these services qualify for medical expense tax credits - this article demystifies the therapy tax benefits available to those north of the border.
Is Mental Health Treatment Free In Australia

Is Mental Health Treatment Free in Australia?

Although Australia offers some free mental health treatment, particularly for vulnerable groups, persistent affordability issues necessitate utilizing private, community, and low-cost support alternatives.
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Can You Get A Diagnosis on BetterHelp?

BetterHelp's licensed therapists can assess your symptoms and experiences to provide clinical impressions but cannot make official diagnoses or prescribe medication through the virtual platform.

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