Mental health blog

Mental health blog

Is Teen Counseling Free

How to Find Free Therapy for Teens Online? [2024]

With mental health issues on the rise among adolescents, many parents wonder if teen counseling services are available at no cost through schools, community health centers, or government programs.
How To Seek Help For Mental Health Singapore

How To Seek Help For Mental Health Singapore? [2024]

With rising awareness and acceptance of mental health issues, more Singaporeans are seeking help through counseling services, support groups, and government subsidies for psychiatric treatment.
Sex Therapy Vs Sexology

Sex Therapy vs Sexology: What’s the Difference?

Sex therapy employs techniques like CBT to treat sexual dysfunctions, while sexology involves understanding sexuality more broadly through interdisciplinary research and education across fields like biology and psychology.
How To Switch Therapists On Betterhelp

How To Change Therapists On BetterHelp? [2024 Guide]

Finding the right therapist isn't always a perfect fit, so ditch the awkward goodbye and learn how to seamlessly switch counselors on BetterHelp with just a few clicks.
online therapy singapore

Best Online Therapy Singapore: Ultimate Guide [2024]

As the pressures of Singapore's high-achieving society increasingly impact mental health, a diverse range of convenient and discreet online counseling options promise expanded access to professional support.
does insurance cover sex therapy

Does Insurance Cover Sex Therapy?

While coverage varies widely, most health insurance plans treat sex therapy as a form of mental health counseling, meaning services may be covered if deemed medically necessary, provided by an in-network provider, supported by a diagnosed condition, and billed under acceptable coding.
how long has betterhelp been around

How Long Has BetterHelp Been Around?

BetterHelp, the largest online therapy provider in the world, has been connecting licensed counselors to clients from the comfort of their own homes since 2013.
a Horizontal Digital Illustration Capturing The Essence Of Online Therapy Support, Aligned With Therapy Helpers' Mission

Is Mental Health Treatment Free in Singapore?

Realities of mental health treatment in Singapore. Explore whether it's free and delve into the nuances of its healthcare system in this insightful guide.
person at a cafe with laptop smiling

How Expensive Is Mental Health Therapy In Singapore?

Mental health therapy in Singapore involves various costs, but with government subsidies, insurance coverage, and financial assistance programs, it can be made more accessible and affordable for those in need.
two people in a bright sunny lit therapy room

How Long Does BetterHelp Take to Match?

After signing up for BetterHelp's online therapy services, most users are matched with a licensed therapist within 48 hours. The matching process aims to pair clients with a counselor best suited to understand their unique situation based on variables such as gender, age, religious beliefs, personality, goals for therapy, and more.

Mental Health Blog

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