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When Should You Not Use EMDR?

EMDR therapy, which helps process disturbing memories and emotions, is not suitable during crises or for those with unstable mental illness who cannot tolerate high emotion.
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Is Online Hypnosis Dangerous?

While online hypnosis expands access, experts urge caution as inadequate safeguards could enable unscrupulous providers to implant harmful suggestions.
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What Type of Therapy is Best for Empaths?

Empaths deeply absorb others' emotions, allowing profound connections but risking overwhelm without boundaries. Finding the right therapy approach like mindfulness, somatic work, cognitive-behavioral therapy or dialectical behavior therapy allows empaths to harness their gifts while fostering health and happiness.
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BetterHelp Group Therapy: Cost & Full Review [2024]

BetterHelp's convenient and affordable online group sessions connect members to a licensed therapist and small group for guided video sessions focused on building skills, gaining support, and achieving personal growth.
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Can You Learn Hypnotherapy Online?

A hybrid approach of online hypnotherapy coursework combined with in-person trainings can provide effective preparation for a meaningful career in this field.
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Does Online Hypnotherapy Work?

Research shows hypnotherapy can be an effective therapeutic tool for altering thoughts, behaviors, and perceptions when properly applied, but its efficacy depends on factors like imagination, motivation, trust, and experience.
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BetterHelp & Online Therapy Norway: Cost & Full Review

Cost analysis and full review of BetterHelp and traditional therapy in Norway.
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Is BetterHelp Legit? An Eye-Opening Look at 2024

BetterHelp appears to offer convenient access to mental health services and our investigation uncovers truth about its legitimacy.
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BetterHelp Controversy: What’s The Real Story? [2024]

Examining BetterHelp amid data and ethics controversies: Is it still a viable therapy option?
computer screen with refund form shown and wording refund in capital bold lettering

How To Get A BetterHelp Refund? Ultimate Guide [2024]

This guide outlines the steps for asking for and getting your money back from the online therapy service BetterHelp.

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