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How Common Are Mental Breakdowns During Therapy Sessions?

Though estimates vary, some research suggests around one in ten clients may experience intense emotional distress or crises at some point in psychotherapy, with an empathetic therapist helping transform breakdowns into breakthroughs.
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What Topics Are Off Limits In Therapy Sessions?

While most compassionate therapists allow clients to discuss personal struggles without judgement, certain topics like plans to self-harm or harm others should prompt clinicians to enforce ethical boundaries.
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Can You Do EMDR and DBT at the Same Time?

EMDR focuses on processing past trauma while DBT teaches coping skills for the present; with careful integration by an experienced therapist, these modalities can complement each other to address both triggers and regulation.
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Can You Do EMDR And ERP At The Same Time?

Though focusing on a single therapy is often most effective, combining EMDR and ERP uniquely complements dismantling trauma associations and facing fears for rapid progress - discover how these modalities can synergize and considerations around jointly receiving them.
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Depression after EMDR Session: What You Need To Know

After an intense EMDR trauma processing session, clients may temporarily experience an increase in depressive thoughts and feelings that typically fades within a few days; understanding this possible short-term effect can help clients continue progressing through treatment.
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Is Hypnotherapy Worth It?

Current evidence is too limited to determine whether hypnotherapy helps more people quit smoking long-term compared to other cessation aids or unassisted quit attempts.
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How to Find ERP Therapy Near Me or Online?

Exposure and Response Prevention therapy provides lasting symptom relief for mental health conditions; weighing the benefits of customized in-person versus more accessible online ERP helps you make the right choice.
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BetterHelp Switzerland: What’s The Cost? Full Review [2024]

As mental health struggles rise, this article provides a full analysis of BetterHelp's online therapy option for those in Switzerland, reviewing its cost, features, pros and cons to help you determine if it could be a fitting solution.
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Can a Christian Be a Therapist?

Christians can become valued therapists by emphasizing compassion over conversion, respecting differences in belief systems, and upholding professional standards of care for all patients.
Does Emdr Make You Tired

Does EMDR Make You Tired?

While EMDR therapy can temporarily cause fatigue as the brain works to process traumatic memories, this tiredness often diminishes over time as clients become desensitized and the nervous system more efficiently integrates old emotional wounds.

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