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Can You Do DBT and ERP at the Same Time?

While DBT and ERP take different approaches to treating disorders like OCD, using them together under the guidance of an experienced therapist can provide complementary techniques to address both anxiety reduction and emotional regulation.
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Talkspace Canada: What’s The Cost? Full Review [2024]

Talkspace now offers Canadians an affordable, convenient way to access licensed therapy from home via text, video, or phone sessions starting at just 95 CAD/month.
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Can You Do EMDR and CBT at the Same Time?

Combining EMDR and CBT therapies can have complementary benefits, with EMDR processing trauma and CBT building coping skills, though working with one therapist versed in both is ideal for an integrated approach.
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Why People Skip Therapy Sessions?

Common reasons for missing counseling appointments - from forgetfulness to financial limitations or disengagement - and expert tips tailored to each cause for sticking with vital continuity instead of succumbing to session sabotage.
Does Canada Have Free Therapy

Does Canada Have Free Therapy?

While Canada does not provide insurance coverage for private therapy, the country has options for free and low-cost mental health resources available.
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Dangers of Christian Counseling: Navigating complex issues

Though faith-based therapy can deeply support believers, conversion pushes, science denialism, and restricted treatment options require vetting counselor ethics — learning warning signs and balancing spiritual nurturing with identity-affirming evidence-based care.
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Why is BetterHelp So Expensive? The Hard Truth [2024]

BetterHelp costs warrant comparison to rising in-office therapy prices exceeding $225 per session before transportation. This analysis reviews online convenience costs versus traditional formats less affordable for many.
How To Find Ocd Therapist Near Me Or Online

How to find OCD Therapist Near Me or Online?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a challenging yet treatable condition that can be overcome through therapeutic techniques and personal practices for improving mental health and quality of life.
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Is Hypnotherapy Legit?

Does hypnotherapy actually work, or is it smoke and mirrors? Learn the real science behind this controversial practice's effectiveness for anxiety, pain, and more.
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Does Tricare Cover BetterHelp? [2024]

Tricare insurance does not cover direct-to-consumer therapy platforms like BetterHelp, but military families can still access affordable online counseling through Tricare-approved providers.

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